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find a safe place to store a clean & unaltered copy of your purchased file

tap the link, see the file, the browser in which it opens determines how you import

practice importing this file to avoid reaching the download limit of your purchased file

location of your purchased file(s) & tips to avoid reaching download limits

don’t forget to activate your link tool aka “ready-only” mode in your note-taking app

follow these steps to fix operating system & app bugs that cause link issues

prevention is the best cure — these helpful tips will help you avoid future link troubles

describe the troubles you are having with your purchase & we will figure it out

follow Brookebot Digital Planners & Stickers to keep up with the latest

clean & safe

File Storage

It is your responsibility to find a safe place to keep a fresh and unaltered copy of your file for future use. There are many options available for local and cloud storage. I suggest downloading & importing to your storage app first so that you don’t forget to do it later. Then, export from storage to your note-taking app. Remember, you have 7 days & 7 taps to retrieve your file.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Note: While you will not be able to write on your planner or noteband in the native iOS app called Files, you can store your file with no issues.

how to

Import File

Pay attention to the browser in which your file is opened (and simultaneously downloaded). Your browser will determine how you import your file into your preferred storage and/or note-taking app. If you see the file on your screen, that means the download was successful.


If your download link opens in Chrome, do this:

iPad Import Chrome Browser 2022

The “Open in…“ disappears fast. Scroll the pages to have it reappear and tap it before it disappears again. Choose app from your list.


If your download link opens in Safari, do this:

ipad import file safari browser
Tap the “Action” icon to see list of your apps in the dropdown menu. Choose the app in which you’d like to import your file.



practice importing this Digital Planner
Sample Catalog

practice importing this Digital Noteband Sample Catalog


Link limits


You can tap/click on your paid download link up to 7 times — after 7 taps, you’ll get a message saying:
Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file.


Your download link will expire. You have 7 days to download your purchase — after 7 days, you’ll get a message saying:
Sorry, this download has expired.

Transparent Square

Your download link
is in the receipt
automatically sent to
the email address you
provided @ checkout.

Email Envelope

Check your inbox & spam folder.

Download Link Button Hand Touch Limit

Every time you touch it, the file downloads.

Each time you touch your purchased download link, it counts as 1 download. If you double tap the link, that counts as 2 downloads. You can touch, tap, or click that link up to 7 times.

You may not realize it, but when you see the planner or noteband file appear on your screen, that means the download was successful. Proceed to import the file into a storage app or import it directly into your note-taking app.

If you continue to tap the button and don’t take the next step to import your file, you will reach your download limit. If you are a newbie, you might need practice. No worries! Practice importing a sample catalog — it is free to download over and over again. After you learn how to import the sample catalog, download and import your paid file using the same technique.


Link Tool

Transparent Square

newbie tip
don’t forget to
activate your link tool
aka “read-only” mode

Hold Tap Open Link GoodNotes

In GoodNotes, you can also tap & hold the link with your finger without needing to activate the link tool.

GoodNotes toolbar & link tool

GoodNotes Toolbar

Noteshelf toolbar & link tool

Noteshelf Toolbar

Flexcil toolbar & link tool

Flexcil Toolbar

fix bugs


There are currently no known bugs that break links. If you are having link issues, follow the 3 steps below to fix them.

bug broken link issues
Settings Icon Small

update your
operating system

Your screen should read
Your software is up to date.”

Settings > General > Software Update

Operating System iPadOS 15 2022
App Store Icon

Your Apps

App Store > Profile Icon

App Update

your device

Close all apps completely (swipe them off screen) and then restart your device.

ipad restart slide to power off


Link Issues

We all get super excited when either an operating system or an app update contains hot new features. Though sometimes, those same promising updates contain bugs that break links. Prevent major upsets by proceeding with caution.

bug broken link issues

Before updating, scour relevant social media posts to see if anyone mentions broken link issues — specifically within your preferred note-taking app.

Practice patience. Give developers time to fix bugs before you hit that update button. One month is probably a decent wait time.

Before you take the plunge, back up your entire iPad. If you have problems after updating, undo the update by restoring your backup.

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tap the link, see the file, the browser in which it opens determines how you import

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