Brookebot Jan 2023 – Dec 2023 Daily Digital Planner


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track your daily tasks, accomplishments, memories or journal on 378 daily pages

plan your months — choose your yearly calendar & monthly calendar day sequence

this page gets you anywhere fast with tons of links — tap “highlight links” to see them all

extend your planner usage with self-dated layouts & glance at two years into the future

convenience — the bottom navigation bar links are built into every single page

see contents of your storage sections & track locations of your bookmark dividers

keep all kinds of information & extra pages organized with four storage sections

mark your most frequented spots for quick and easy access directly from the nav bar

46 types of digi paper rulings — make copies as needed & move anywhere in your planner

378 pages


break down overwhelming tasks or large projects into small, focused and more manageable steps & bask in your daily accomplishments

for hourly options (each day covering 24 hours, midnight to midnight) — choose your preferred time notation:

I2  I2 or 00  24

optionally, use your daily pages to jot down random notes, keep a personal journal, or record memories for future reference

12 calendars


dated boxes are filled with quaddot grid for perfect alignment & each page includes a left sidebar for notes

choose your yearly calendar &
monthly calendar day sequence

M S or S S

each 10-week tiny calendar in the top left corner features dated links to navigate your planner faster

36 monthly


when viewing a monthly calendar, tap the switch in nav bar to view 1st tracker & tap again to switch back

3 monthly tracker pages located behind each monthly calendar page = 36 trackers total

loop through each of the 3 monthly trackers by tapping dots & arrows at top of the page

yearly calendar

mega links

this page is loaded with links to every dated page in your planner & makes it super easy to get there fast

choose your yearly calendar &
monthly calendar day sequence

S S or M S

tap the labeled months above the dates or tap buttons in nav bar to access monthly calendars

2024 & 2025

future logs

find the 2 future logs behind the yearly calendar — swipe OR use the navigation bar at the top of the page to loop through pages

some things require planning far in advance — take note of future events & appointments for next year’s planner

circle the date on the calendar, write the date in the column, and add more details in the memo column

bonus pages


utilize undated pages to extend the use of your planner beyond the 12 months of dated pages or create custom spreads throughout the year

find an undated layout behind the last dated page of its kind, duplicate the page as many times as needed & place anywhere in your planner

swipe through consecutive self-dated pages or couple a self-dated page with a page that has an inbound link — like a dated page or a bookmark

Jan Dec 2023 Undated Bonus Monthly Calendar Digital Planner iPad Goodnotes Calendar
undated monthly calendar
(behind last dated monthly calendar)
Jan Dec 2023 Undated Bonus Daily Digital Planner iPad Goodnotes Calendar
undated daily page
(behind last dated daily page)

navigation bar

quick access

essential page links: yearly calendar (aka year at a glance page) & each of the 12 monthly calendars

the navigation bar is displayed along the bottom edge of every single page in every dated planner

supplementary page links: front & back covers, index, 4 storage sections & 5 bookmark dividers

nav bar


to keep an updated overview of navigation bar links, label index after modifying storage section contents or after moving a bookmark divider

write simple, brief content descriptions in these boxes to ensure a quick glance & write more detailed descriptions on each respective page

each box is filled with quad-dot grid for perfect alignment & functions as a giant link to its respective storage section or bookmark divider page

4 sections


duplicate any of your 46 digi papers & place behind place storage section “A” , “B” , “C” or “D

use sections to store bills, habit trackers, event plans, notes, etc. & label contents on each section page

tap links in the navigation bar to access sections quickly & tap top of section page to view index

5 dividers


heart, star, and flag bookmark dividers are meant to be moved freely throughout your planner

place a bookmark in a frequently visited spot & tap the respective nav bar link to access that spot quickly

optionally, you may choose to use these versatile dividers like storage sections — it’s totally up to you

46 types

Digi paper

tap the last link in the navigation bar to access the back cover which serves as a digi paper index with tappable links to all ruled pages

choose from 46 different ruling types with variations in thickness & spacing: dot grid, solid grid, dot lined and solid lined — each has a navigation bar

duplicate any digi paper as many times as needed and move the page copies to a storage section or to any desired location within your planner

Jan Dec 2023 Storage Section A Digi Paper Digital Planner iPad Goodnotes Calendar
Jan Dec 2023 Digi Paper Index 01 Digital Planner iPad Goodnotes Calendar
Jan Dec 2023 Digi Paper Index 02 Digital Planner iPad Goodnotes Calendar

Brookebot Jan 2023 – Dec 2023 Daily Digital Planner


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