Draw Numbers from a Hat (8.5×11 Inch Printable)

Draw Numbers from a Hat (8.5×11 Inch Printable)


Download instantly & print whenever you wish! I created these for a Dirty Santa (also known as White Elephant) party game for my family.

For Chaotic Households:
I cut strips vertically (leaving a bit at the top to keep the sheet intact) and go around to each participant one by one snipping off the lowest number. I have each participant place their number in a cup & say say to them, "You are officially part of the game." That way I don't have to deal with the chaos from trying to count heads.  If you use this for Dirty Santa, you should have the same number of gifts in the center of the group as there are missing numbers. (Subtract 1 from the lowest number left on the sheet.)

  • Num­bers 1–32 on (1) 8.5″×11″ Page
  • 300ppi High Res­o­lu­tion PDF
  • Each Strip Approx. 1 In. Wide & 2.65 In. Long
  • Min­i­mize Con­fu­sion w/ Dig­its & Spelled Num­bers
  • Down­load Instant­ly
  • Print with­out Bor­ders & at 100% Scale
  • Trim Edges Before Cut­ting Strips

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