Brookebot Digital Notebands: Book, Binder & Beast

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from basic to beast in size, choose from seven different digital noteband types

convenience — the bottom navigation bar links are built into every single page

see contents of your storage sections & track locations of your bookmark dividers

store your materials, categorize your content, and quickly navigate through your pages

sub-categorize your storage sections into smaller, more manageable groups

access all tab pages from this index — maintain an overview of their use by updating labels

store small oddball content behind tab pages or use tabs as additional bookmarks

mark your most frequented spots for quick and easy access directly from the nav bar

46 types of digi paper rulings — make copies as needed & move anywhere in your noteband

section types


quick access

Nav Links

quickly access key pages: nav bar index, 4 storage sections, tab index, 5 bookmark dividers, 2 covers

the navigation bar is displayed along the bottom edge of every single page in every noteband type

tap nav bar links to navigate your digital noteband without needing to swipe through so many pages

nav bar


to keep an updated overview of navigation bar links, label index after modifying storage section contents or after moving a bookmark divider

write simple, brief content descriptions in these boxes to ensure a quick glance & write more detailed descriptions on each respective page

each box is filled with quad-dot grid for perfect alignment & functions as a giant link to its respective storage section or bookmark divider page

4 sections


sections “A” , “B” , “C” & “D” house collections of related pages — make a plan & decide how to categorize the content you store behind them

your chosen noteband type will determine the page layout of your storage sections & the sum of links to respective section dividers

tap links in the navigation bar to access section pages & tap top of section page to view the nav index with an overview of all four sections

Every noteband has 4 sections labeled ABC & D. The noteband section type determines the number of sub-dividers in each of those 4 sections.

NoteBeast $32

40 / 160

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 40 sub-dividers each

= 160 sub-dividers total

NoteBinder $24

20 / 80

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 20 sub-dividers each

= 80 sub-dividers total

NoteBinder $20

15 / 60

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 15 sub-dividers each

= 60 sub-dividers total

NoteBinder $16

10 / 40

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 10 sub-dividers each

= 40 sub-dividers total

NoteBook $12

05 / 20

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 5 sub-dividers each

= 20 sub-dividers total

NoteBook $10

03 / 12

4 sections (A, B, C & D)

× 3 sub-dividers each

= 12 sub-dividers total

NoteBook $8


4 sections (A, B, C & D)

no sub-dividers



sub-categorize section content — dividers work within sections to partition large chunks of pages into smaller, more manageable groups

links help quickly transport you to specific locations & save you from swiping through irrelevant pages — use pages with inbound links wisely

over time, your content might grow in ways you’d never expect — don’t be afraid to leave some dividers empty for future development



label the tab index to maintain an updated overview of how each tab page is being used — the quad-dot grid helps keep labels tidy

write brief content outlines on this page to ensure a quick glance & if needed, write more detailed descriptions on respective tab pages

each label functions as a giant link — tap one to land on its respective tab page & tap the top of that tab page to get back to the tab index



tabs are for storing little bits & pieces (or even a few pages) of content that don’t fit organically into a storage section category — an oddball’s oasis

tabs don’t necessarily need to be defined right from the start — they may come in handy later on, long after the initial setup process

optionally, you may use your 9 tab pages as an additional set of bookmarks — label the tab index with how each tab is being used

5 dividers


heart, star, and flag bookmark dividers are meant to be moved freely throughout your noteband

place a bookmark in a frequently visited spot & tap the respective nav bar link to access that spot quickly

optionally, you may choose to use these versatile dividers as storage sections — it’s totally up to you

46 ruling types

Digi paper

tap the last link in the navigation bar to find the back cover & swipe left to access the digi paper indexes and all ruled pages

choose from 46 different ruling types with variations in thickness & spacing: dot grid, line grid, lined, and dot-lined — each has a navigation bar

duplicate any digi paper as many times as needed and move the page copies anywhere in your noteband — behind a storage section or tab page

Brookebot Digital Noteband Backcover
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Brookebot Digital Notebands: Book, Binder & Beast

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