Printable Scrapbook Paper: Papacti Surface Pattern (8.5×11 Inch)

    Printable Scrapbook Paper: Papacti Surface Pattern (8.5×11 Inch)


    Collection Name: "Papacti"

    "Printable Scrapbook Paper: Papacti Surface Pattern (8.5×11 Inch)" High resolution JPG (.jpg) files feature hand-painted black watercolor dots, blue & purple "papacti" (cacti + papaya hybrid) and hand-drawn details. There is a light border to show 0.25 inch trim edges. All home printers have a limited output margin & can sometimes leave a print with uneven blank edges. The edges will be even (0.25 inch on each side) just in case you want to use this print as wall art. If you are using this paper for scrapbooking, please trim the edges. The final trimmed piece will be 8×10.5 inches.

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    • JPG Image Files (.jpg)
    • Each is 8.5″×11″ w/ 8″×10.5″ Trim Marks
    • 300ppi High Res­o­lu­tion JPG
    • Hand-Paint­ed Water­col­or Tex­ture
    • Hand-Drawn Details
    • Great for Scrap­book­ing, Craft­ing or Wall Art
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    • Print on 8.5×11 Inch Paper with­out Bor­ders & at 100% Scale
    • Uncheck Any Box­es That Say “Fit to Page” or “Scale to Fit Media”

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